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What we own, what we have invested, the MSC family. It is my duty to ensure that I am responsible for my actions, words and actions to all, at all times to ensure we realize, appreciate, retain or better yet increase the value of all our resources.

No experience will be trying enough to somolder our spirit, our ambition, our desire. Infact we look forward to challenges as its only then that we become stronger, sharper, better than yesterday.

We purpose to stand out, to stand tallest, to be the best, a leader of the pack. Our actions and deliverables must have a purpose to achieve nothing short of being outstanding.

That my past, my current status, my current roadblocks, failures and shortcomings would deter my resolve to achieve success. I am certain that with the people around me, we will realize our ambition. It will just be a matter of time!

I strive to be equiped, at all times, with all the available knowledge available to make the right decisions, save time, stay ahead and add value. Research and development will be our continuous modus operandi.

Yes, I am different. I realize that you are different too! I will celebrate this diversity, purpose to achieve equality deliberately while upholding, allowing, listening and appreciating everyone’s opinion, culture, beliefs, challenges and religion. All this with the spirit of generating a respectful working environment.

I am defined by being dynamic, decisive, and pursuing continuous improvement in my craft. All these coupled with collaboration I purpose to run a lean approach to realizing company objectives. Getting it right isnt just enough, getting it right ahead of the rest of the pack is the drive.

I take a plea, that this one planet that I call home, is home to the next generations and flora and fauna. It is therefore my responsibility that every action I take, even at a granular level, lives up to achieve a green planet. I commit to be mindful of my environment and do all that I can, deliberately, to not only preserve it but better it! In summary, I want to leave the world a better place than I found it.

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